Friday, November 15, 2013

The Worst

I admit it. I am the worst blogger. I haven't written in a very long time, and I literally have no excuse.  Okay, I might have some excuses. We moved.  I am trying to get our family settled in our new place, which is a much more tricky feat than one might expect. But, I am not working. Not working means more time for things that I enjoy like writing, right? Well, not so much. In fact, I've been so busy that I am unsure how I managed everything I did while working. Now there are plenty of bloggers like me.  Slow to get out posts, or start a blog, and after a few months give up.  It actually takes a lot of gumption to keep blogging and I admire people that can do it consistently. I know my faults. I am not Goop, Who, What, Wear, or The Man Repeller (a few of my favorite blogs, that of course have a multitude of people working for them, including tech people!) I get distracted and I get writer's block. I would expect most unsuccessful bloggers are like me. And then suddenly one day it's just, POW!  You are ready to write again, and by that time most people who enjoyed your posts have moved on.
On top of the little details on writing, then comes my ineptness of running a blog. I have no clue about the computer science aspects of it. I post a photo and it doesn't look the way I want. The codes of computer lines and the set up of pages baffles me. Should I take a course on blogging? Probably. However, if I can barely find the time to blog, how can I possible find the time to take a course on blogging?  See my dilemma? So to those of you that do read and enjoy my blog, all I ask is that you stick with my awfulness. Understand that I love to blog about fashion and life, but that sometimes my life gets in the way of that passion.

However, now that we've gotten that out of the way, that yes indeed, I am one of the worst bloggers out there, let's talk about what's exciting now.
The gigantic September issues have now been received and delved through, and I am beginning to have some very specific concerns over them.  "Biggest Issue Ever" spread across the covers. Magazines so large that even if you have a book holder for the bath, the rags can still barely fit on them.  If you enjoy taking them to the gym, there are so many pages it is collapses in on you as you attempt to read. Your elliptical machine has so many little cards surrounding the bottom of it, you are apologizing to the people around you. They've become like the summer movie blockbuster season. Too many of them, that are too big, too overrated, overcrowded, and should have just waited for October to release.  I would love to see a little less pages in September and a little more pages in November. I mean, honestly, my gym bag and bath tub would thank you for it.  If you don't want to take my word about the "issues" of the September issues, read Eric Wilson of the New York Times, op-ed on them.
I think he nails the problems right on the head.

Nonetheless, the fall/winter fashion is in full swing. The holiday season is upon us and people are out searching for what's hot.  As a teen of the 90's, the fact that grunge, dubbed neo grunge, is here my excitement abounds. The problem? I'm not eighteen any more. So the trick becomes how to do the trend without looking foolish. I always look to the uber fabulous and pregnant Gwen Stefani for inspiration for us old rocker ladies. Here she is, in her forties, and pregnant rocking the grunge style.  Combat boots and flannel? Check. With the trend she is wearing the basics of black leggings and muscle shirt. This is a great way to be able to be trendy without looking ridiculous and trying to hard.  Another person who is older and nails it? Sarah Jessica Parker. Here she is wearing overalls, a staple of 90's fashion, looking very cool.

Younger than these ladies? Well, you can get away with a lot more. Push the boundaries of being on trend. 90's grunge also consisted of lace under things wore as clothing. This woman wears her inside cami out, and tastefully mixes it with a long maxi for fashion magic.

My favorite trend this season are beanies. I've been a snowboarder most of my life, so I am nuts for this trend. Don't be afraid to rock one of any style or color. I have a neon fuchsia hat from Jcrew and I wear it everywhere. These hats are from Kate Spade and Tracy Reese. Two designers not known for their "grungy" style, Hedi Slimane of YSL, they are not. They are designers of the classy, preppy, ladylike women, and here are their takes on the beanie style.
Kate Spade and Tracy Reese

Next? Leopard, leopard, and more leopard. Now, believe it or not, leopard is a neutral.  You can really go bold this season if you are a leopard freak.  Full on outfits, see below, or faux fur print coats.  Unsure that you can pull it off? Then go for shoes or belts in the print.  My favorite leopard print item are my Sperry loafers. Preppy, work appropriate, and hip all rolled into one. Another wild fall print? Camo. Camo is no longer for the military or hunter, but to stay on trend you probably shouldn't shop at Cabela's. Want to ease into the trend? Go for a scarf from the Express.  Or go bold with a McQueen sweater from
Scarf, $35
Alexander McQueen sweater, $195

Now if you are a comfy dresser then you will love this season, because it's all about the sweats. Sweatshirts with funky prints, jeweled necklines, or in cozy fabrics can be work appropriate or cocktail ready. Even sweatpants are here! Many are tailored to fit like a glove and look exquisite in heels. Look at this woman. She is in heels, a fur coat, and sweats. Epic.
Want to find the best sweat trends? Piperlime has the biggest variety of these cool sweatshirt styles and Nordstorm has some of the best sweatpant styles. Look for brands like Wayf, MinkPink, Splendid, Glamourous, and Tinley Road. They are trendy without breaking the bank.

Now you've got the scoop on my blogging skills, the September issues, and some of the best trends for the fall.  I can't say I'll be back soon, however my goal is to do my next post on the best gifts to give this season. I thank all of you who have stuck with my blog with its inconsistencies and inept layouts.  Life is about taking the things that you love and try to make them work within the fabric of how you live. With a little sarcasm, humor, and a dash of incentive I believe that's the perfect recipe for the "semi successful."

I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done. ~Steven Wright

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  1. Love. And yes, you're right...blogging is HARD! I've come to rely on more pictures and less words - and my degree is in English and Literature! Ha! Anyway, loving your choices here...especially your idol, Ms. Stefani.