Monday, September 3, 2012

You Might Be A Fashionista If...

About a year ago I wrote a post called, "Are You a Real Fashionista?"  It was about those of us attempting to go through life wanting to be Andy to Anna Wintour.  We desire a high fashion life, but most us of the time lack the money and time to truly dedicate ourselves.  We wander through life instead as lawyers, accountants, doctors, sales reps, nurses, and/or teachers, many of us never stepping foot in the original Chanel store in Paris.

So I pondered once again this Labor Day weekend, as I cleaned out and reorganized my closet, the famous Jeff Foxworthy line, "You might be a redneck if...". Now Mr. Foxworthy is smart, he's made a whole career out of funny happenstances for supposed rednecks.  Could I do the same for fashionistas?  Clearly, I could picture other people I know cleaning out their closets.  They were not making the same decisions or having the same thoughts I was. Organizing a closet is serious business for those of us who consider ourselves partakers in this thing we call fashion.

Here are a few of thoughts I had while working on my closet today:

You Might Be a Fashionista if...

1. You have four different black cardigans, but keep all of them because one has a hood, one is wool, one is cashmere, and one is super long.

2. You arrange your smoking slippers by color this season.

3.  You have have cheated on your Joe's Jeans with Citizens of Humanity.  (Your cheat might be with Hudson or J Brand).

4. You have work heels, going out heels, special occasion heels, and summer heels, none of them are the same shoe.

5. You have a separate bookcase filled only with purses.

6.  You have at least three-five high end splurges.

7.  You will be wearing your red pants again.

8. You have a shoe basket filled only with Toms.

9. You have a tremendous worry when getting rid of something for fear it will come back in style, but toss it anyway because if it does come back in style you will find something even better and cooler.

10. You know what "tea length" means when separating your skirts and dresses.

11. As you organize by color you are upset that you have nothing in oxblood, the "it color" this fall.

12.  And no matter how big your closet is, you realize it will never be big enough.

These thoughts can go on and on and once it is all said and done, the only question remaining for the fashionista is what to buy next?

So what's your, "You Might Be A Fashionista If...?"

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."~ Mark Twain


  1. You might be a fashionista if...

    when playing a game of 'would you rather' yesterday, you chose showing up to a party with a terrible haircut over showing up in terribly outdated clothing.

    Love this list!

  2. I fall victim to several items mentioned in the list.........being a fashionista is definitely work, but I definitely try to keep classic item in my closet and play around all the "IT" colors of the season as well as dressing them down or up by adding a accessories if I want that glam look!

  3. Love this post..being a fashionista is hard work.I work in sales in the NY fashion industry so there's always pressure. But with bills and real life...its hard to have your A game on all the time...all we can do is try.I was psyched when I went to a vintage store not too long ago and found a clutch and pumps in oxblood well within my!



  4. I answered yes to everything except the Tom's shoes. I do have an entire wardrobe of Bedhead P.J.'s. I suppose the two are analogous. I agree it is hard work. I would add this. You might be a fashionista if you have already made every retail mistake one can make.

  5. You might be a fashionista if you are seriously missing ShopStyle